It is about time for all Great Lighters to know that we are the cause of why people come and either unable to stay, fall off or that they easily get offended at the Ministry of The Servant of God and depart or they stay in God’s presence misbehaving. We are not doing any job prepping them before coming. We are so honed in on miracles, miracles, miracles that people are being deceived by the way we evangelise to them. We are setting them up for failure because we get their appetite for miracles so wet that it becomes unquenchable and all they want is instant breakthrough by just one prayer.

There is nothing wrong to invite souls to Jesus Christ for them to experience the power of God in areas of healing, miracles, signs, wonders and breakthroughs, but there is something terribly wrong when all that you tell people is what God will do for them and not what they should/must do to line themselves up to receive from and walk with God. It is important to know that Christianity is not all about receiving miracles and wonders or what we can get from God. It is a relationship, a deep one for that matter, which should be the anchor of every Christian faith. Loving and walking with God should be the priority of every Christian otherwise; we end up receiving and getting things but never have anything with God. The Scriptures say, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?” Mark 8:36. The purpose of the death of Christ is not centered on miracles, healing, wonders, breakthroughs, but it is about repentance and giving our lives to Jesus Christ because He died to save us from the sins of humanity, and to reconcile us to God as dear sons and daughters while we remain in God.

Note that every one-way relationship does not last and its foundation is always rooted in using God as a means to an end. It is simply a parasitic one. The message of salvation should not be exchanged for “come and receive miracles and wonders.” Jesus Himself told us to “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you” Matthew 6:33. “These things” refer to wealth, health, miracles, breakthroughs, sign and wonders, and every material blessing. That’s right! But, people cannot just want to seek after “these things” and not the Kingdom of God and His righteous. Now, the time has come for God’s glory, power and His healing virtues present in Great Light to not be dragged on the floor or thrown down cheaply anymore. Anyone that you sense is not ready to come and settle should remain in their church or wherever they are coming from, so we know who is with us and who is not. There is no more room for misusing and trampling down on the grace and the power of God anymore. As such, please, please, pleases spend time with your invitees and guests to prep them very well before bringing them over.

Great Light is God’s Emergency 911 Centre for all round breakthroughs, but it is not a Drive Thru of any sort, and there is no such thing like instant breakthroughs, even though God does so here very often. However, the status quo has now changed. The people that The Man of God will minister to are those who are ready to line up to the ways of God in Great Light and also who really want a relationship (sit down and learn everything there is to know about the ministry, The Man of God and how his calling works) so that everyone is on the same page. He will only pray for those who are coming to settle down and not just hanging in there to get something and depart. There is no more, “Come and The Man of God will pray for you today” and the way that we have been doing it.

PLEASE STOP telling people out there all about miracles and breakthroughs or all the things they can get from God and not tell them to re-establish a better relationship with God that brings about all the good things of life in Christ. Giving them false hopes and blowing trumpets loud about all they can get without them understanding what they need to do in return only leave people with miracle and pray for me mentality, because they get really hyped, enthused and elated to come and then when the contrary is the experience, they get really discouraged. It is only evangelism in Great Light Healing Ministries that has adopted the form of using the acts of God as bribery to bring people to Christ. Yes, it is true that we must “market, declare and sell” the good acts of Our God, Who is Mighty in wonders and signs, but God is not looking for one time relationship, on the spot touch me and heal me so I can go back to where I came from, or do it for me or Jesus Christ is not real. God is looking for people, who have hearts for Him (loving, caring, worshiping, developing relationships with, and following His commandments). Endeavour to explain the following in details to your invitees before they come.

◈ Ask them to come at 11:45 or 12noon to avoid long stay as they may not be comfortable with the hours until they are used to it
◈ Tell them to pray and watch out for the pranks of satan (sickness, bad news, etc) so they are not easily swayed
◈ Tell them to pray and ask God to help them see the light of Christ
◈ Tell them to pray about their coming before coming here to avoid satan using their heads, minds and hearts as gateways to destruction
◈ Tell them that 1 or 2 visits will never cut it and that no one goes to work for 2 days and gets a year’s worth of salary with benefits
◈ Tell them to come seeing The Man of God as a vessel of God so that whatever he does or says will not become the devil’s gateway to hinder anyone’s blessing
◈ Tell them that Great Light is an educational centre where God does things for His people so they should come expecting God to touch them but not to solve all their problems overnight. God does not work like that!
◈ Tell them that it is a very orderly place because the presence of God is very thick here and we honour God’s presence so strictly. Therefore, we do not cross legs, use cell phones while in service, slouch and sit in an “I don’t give a hoot” manner, drink, eat or chew gum during services
◈ Tell them come with an open heart to receive. That is where everything starts. Until one’s heart is opened, God cannot enter into it. As they open their hearts, God will meet them at the point of their needs as long as they mean business
◈ Spend time to educate them on how the Holy Spirit flows through The Man of God. Focus on and tell them that they are to come to be raised, not just being healed or touched and go.
◈ Take your time to explain the structure of the ministry to them. What they should expect and what they should not do.
◈ Please endeavour to explain to them how The Word of God will impart and change their lives instead of basing everything on testimonies (miracles, signs and wonders).
◈ Tell them that Great Light is for those who are so tired with life and want a change so badly.
◈ Tell them that Great light is not for players and gamesters. It is for serious people who want to walk with God
◈ Tell them that Great Light is a place where God’s Servant is careful and mindful about what God likes and dislikes, so they have to follow protocols to avoid doing things God does not like
◈ Tell them that God’s servant is a true prophet of God who sees what people are thinking in their hearts so they should try to not allow satan suggest things to them so they do not judge, criticize, condemn or argue The Word of God in their hearts
◈ Tell them that The Man of God is a truthful, frank speaker who does not play hanky panky with the Word of God or God’s instruction so he comes out straight to say what needs to be said to anyone at any time
◈ Tell them that The Servant of God uses people for both good and bad examples, but rarely uses newcomers, unless they came being disrespectful or rude in God’s presence
◈ Do not give any timelines for miracles and wonders. This is not a magic centre or “one touch does it all centre.”
◈ Do not promise them prayers or special ministration from The Man of God as he only moves by the leadings of The Holy Spirit. This will stop unnecessary disappointments when they are not prayed for on their first day.
◈ Tell them to not question any move, action or statement of The Man of God as they were not there when God called and gave him instructions on how things should run. A recipient cannot be a legislator, an investigator, analyst, a critic, a judge and a lawyer of where they came to be blessed
◈ Tell them to not come comparing Great Light with their church or pastor while here. It is an insult to The Holy Spirit. If where they came from is better than Great Light and God is delivering them, then they don’t need to be here. God is not looking for comparative analysts. He is looking for people who will serve Him as He heals and delivers them
◈ Tell them to be participative and involved to show that they want God to touch them and not just sit like idols, even if they are amazed or surprised or taken aback of things
◈ Tell them to come with their notebooks and Bibles if they have any

After you have taken your time to explain all these to them and they still show interests, then you can begin sharing testimonies. But, if they begin to argue with you about the protocols and structure, do not waste your time any further. You can automatically know that they are not looking for God. Possibly, give a copy of these instructions to anyone that shows interest to come after all, so they can refresh themselves with it before coming.

Ensure to make it very clear that you are only trying to bring them so that God can help their lives before the devil begins to suggest nonsense in their head, or think that they are doing you a favour for coming. No one does any favour to the one who invited them to a place of solutions of life. Do not, under any circumstance, make it look as though Great Light is soliciting for their membership or that they are coming to do something special for God, you or The Man of God. The one in trouble is the one that needs God, not the other way round! Thus, Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30, “Come unto Me all you that labour and heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. 30 For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Please note that if you fail to discuss all these with your invitees and they come misbehaving or acting up while in service, you will be held accountable for their actions. This is not to discourage anyone from reaching out to souls but it is about time Great Light became what God really intended it to be—The Headquarter of God in North America and The Altar of Jesus Christ in this generation. May God bless you as you strive and work hard to bring people into His Holy Tabernacle. Amen.